You have two options
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You have two options

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The holiday season is the time to use gifting to connect with prospects and build pipeline before end of year. BUT you have to have a reason.

You can't "throw money at the problem" and mass blast eggnog to everyone on your account list and expect results.

That’s why Alyce made it easy to create thoughtful and relevant gift campaigns in their new post Holiday Gifting Campaigns for Businesses. It even has templates you can use right now.

I joined Clari as their Head of Content — counts on fingers — 8 weeks ago.

The first thing I did wasn’t create content or “fix” anything.

Instead I embarked on a listening tour.

My goal was simple: get to know the team, uncover gaps, and start to articulate a POV on where to take the team and strategy.

This is critical because playbooks from previous companies — no matter how successful — don’t just transfer perfectly from one company to another. Sure I have ideas and plays, but I wanna know what’s going to work here and now. And I refuse to be another “here’s how I’ve always done it'' leader.

Anyway, one of the most common questions I got was: What’s your plan?

(Which is funny because I’d only been there for like 46 minutes.)

But the question really translated to how are you going to make an impact?

I found myself answering the same way every time:

You have two options if you're looking for growth: optimize or build.

Optimizing is getting more from things you’re already doing. Think of it like getting more “juice from the squeeze.” Things like:

-Shorten your forms to increase landing page conversions
-A/B test HTML vs text-only email marketing
-Test putting links in the comments vs the body of you LinkedIn post
-Test webinar duration lengths to improve attendance rate
-Test new formats or length to improve podcast completion rate

I’ve done all of these, among many others, to successfully uncover pockets of growth.

Notice the key word — test.

Optimizing requires testing new ideas. And don’t limit yourself by only A/B testing everything. Get comfortable with taking risks.

This is your fastest path to results.

Building, on the other hand, is creating something completely new — like planting a whole new tree.

-Launch a podcast
-Write a thought leadership blog series
-Publish a newsletter
-Spin up a webinar series
-Create a twitter strategy

These are the fun, shiny, exciting-to-show-your-CEO things, but take much more time to see results.

You typically only get 2-3/year, so be selective in what you choose to invest in.

Look at your content strategy right now — have you fallen in lust with building? (Guilty). Or is perfectionism causing you to endlessly tinker instead of taking a big bet on a new project or channel?

There’s no right or wrong, by the way. Everyone needs to find a balance that works for them. I invite you to find yours.

Holler at you next Saturday,

Speaking of building new things...

I built and scaled a webinar program that generated millions in pipeline and propelled our brand to become a (B2B) household name. And I almost always recommend marketers add webinars to their marketing strategy.

I wrote an article about it for Goldcast that outlines the #1 mistake I see marketers make, plus my 5-step process for designing a webinar series that your audience loves.

It's called How to Launch a Wildly Effective Top-Of-Funnel Webinar Series That Creates Revenue.  You can read it here, or simply share it with your webinar-hosting homies.

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