Why Clari?
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Why Clari?

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Yo! Welcome to the next episode of The Content Strategy Reeder where 6,405 creators get better at content strategy and creation in 5 minutes or less.

This week I announced that I joined Clari as their Director, Content & Thought Leadership.

And the most common question I got was Why?

So for today's episode I'm going to share the three main factors that motivated my decision. My hope is that by sharing how I evaluated the opportunity, you'll be able to make better decisions that lead to a more successful and fulfilling career.

We only get so many "at bats" when it comes to making career decisions, like which company to work for, so I believe it's extremely important to be cautious, selective, and intentional when deciding to join company.

Quick disclaimer: Nothing that follows has anything to do with my previous employer. We left on great terms, and there's no hard feelings, no sub tweets, and no ill will. I'm much more interested in discussing the future than the past (which was an amazing experience!).

OK, let's ride.

#1 Leadership

Clari is my (counts on fingers...) the sixth company I've worked for. So I've experienced many different types of leaders and learned which type I prefer.

The exec team leading the company has a HUGE impact on both the company and employee trajectory.

When I looked at the executive team I would be reporting to and working with, I saw how they can help me develop:

Kyle Coleman, SVP, Marketing, is one of the most genuine and humble leaders and people I've ever met. I'm confident simply by osmosis I will become a more empathic leader.

Julien Sauvage, VP Corporate and Product Marketing (my boss), is a premier product marketing leader. We worked together a bit at my last gig, but I also back channeled the hell out of him. I could find a single bad review on the guy. Reputation is everything.

Takeaway: When choosing a company, complete your due diligence on your leadership team and ensure you're in good hands and will be in a position to learn.

#2 Company vision

The tech landscape is more crowded than an overstuffed sock drawer, so it's critical that the company you work for knows where it's going and how to get there.

Clari is crystal clear on the problem they solve (Revenue Leak), their product roadmap is clear, and they know what's at stake.

This is incredibly important because without company vision, growth slows, teams become siloed, and individuals are usually frustrated and burned out because they don't know where all their hard work.

Additionally, for me, Clari has a clear goal for my role and team and is giving me direction and freedom to execute.

#3 Career Trajectory

I truly believe I'm going to develop and become a better content strategy, leader, and creator in this role. This is exactly what I want.

If you've been reading CSR for a bit, you know my goal is to become the leading B2B content strategist in B2B tech by providing the most insightful and helpful content. My decision to join Clari is part of fulfilling that goal.

I was very grateful to get a few companies interested in discussing a VP role, but  I didn't pursue. I don't say this is brag. It simply isn't interesting at this specific moment in my life for two reasons:

1) I know it will be a huge job with a big learning curve. This will take a ton of time, and I'd prefer to spend my time with my young kids and family. Maybe when they're older and too cool for their old man I'll revisit a path to becoming an executive.

2) I want to get another deep experience building and scaling a legendary content engine and brand. I did it once, but I wanted to add depth to my resume. In full transparency, I told my wife I was a bit afraid to leave my last role, "What if I'm a one-hit wonder?". She replied: You'll never know unless you take another swing.


I hope you fond this quick run down helpful. And if you're thinking about a career change or joining a company, feel free to hit me up with any questions. I'm always here to be part of your content journey.

Holler at you next week,

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