My marketing beef
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My marketing beef

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I was listening to some old school Snoop Dogg this week, and it reminded me of how much I like rap “beefs.”

-Tupac vs Biggie
-Ice Cube vs N.W.A.
-Eminem vs anyone who dared

If you’re new to the rap game, “beefs” are feuds between rappers which typically lead to them recording “diss tracks” about each other. Imagine “yo momma” jokes and trash talking, but 10x more vulgar and disrespectful and set to a hard-hitting bass line. Yep, grown men singing songs to convey their dislike for one another. Kinda funny huh?


This “beef” mentality has definitely slipped into my marketing.

I’m not hating on other marketers or creators or anything. Nope, I have issues with dumb — or, more politely —  ineffective tactics and ideas that I see in the wild.

Simply because they so clearly DON’T work. And I want y'all to succeed by avoiding them.

Right now I’m beefin’ with what I call “future marketing” or when marketers use the future to drive action now.

  • Webinars titled: 5 marketing predictions for blah blah blah
  • Content titled: The future state of yada yada
  • 2023 predictions on LinkedIn (which are usually unveiled pitches to buy their software)

It’s not the titles or the intention that irk me — it’s the lack of urgency.

Your goal, especially in this economy, is to drive action and results now.

But it's nearly impossible to motivate someone to act now for a problem that might happen in the future.

Don’t believe me? Think about global warming. Despite the mountains of research on how it’s happening and how terrible it is, we’re basically doing nothing to stop it.

That’s because it’s perceived as a future problem.

If suddenly we couldn't go directly into the sunlight without burning the flesh off our bones because the ozone layer is completely gone, then we'd make it a priority and do everything in our power to solve it.

Your job is to get your Reader to see that they have a current problem. This will motivate them to act immediately, whether that’s to subscribe or buy or anything in between.

That requires conveying pain that’s hurting them at this very moment — not some time in the might-happen-but-who-really-knows-distant-future.

So yea. I’m beefin’ with “future marketing”.

Btw, if you like this type of marketing, have done it, or plan on doing it this year — don’t take this as a poke in the eye. I’m not dissing you, yo.

But I do want you to consider how you can inject urgency into your work. That is, if you want to see immediate results.

Cool? Cool.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably the type of person who likes to take action. The kind who is eager to learn, practice, and put in a little work to see massive improvements in your life, career, and earning potential.

That’s exactly why I created my Content Strategy for LinkedIn video course.

Because building a personal brand on LinkedIn has done incredible things for my career and life, and I want you to experience them too. Things like:

  • Drastically increase my salary
  • Help my C.O.R.E. audience solve massive problems
  • Meet cool, smart people (who often open up doors for me without ever asking)
  • Build a 6-figure side hustle, 100% inbound
  • Get multiple advisor offers every quarter

IDK if you’ll get those things too (heck, I don’t know if you even want them).

But if you build on LinkedIn, you WILL speed up your career trajectory and unlock life-changing opportunities. You just need to know how (and which mistakes to avoid) — and that’s what I cover in the course.

If that sounds like you, here’s your invite to start winning on LinkedIn:

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