How to write promos people love
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How to write promos people love

This week is part two of how to write effective promos. If you’re like me and have to watch tv shows in order, then check out part 1 first then jump back here.

Last week I promised to teach you how to write "movie trailer" promos that deliver BIG results.

To best explain it, think about the last time you were in a movie theatre.

Imagine you just got your popcorn (extra butter, always) and your drink (cherry & Coke Icee, thank you very much).

Now you're walking down the hall to find your screening.

On the way, you see this movie poster:

You think, Na. Not for me.

I mean, you don't recognize the actors. "Dope" doesn't give you much context, and maybe you don't identify as a "geek."

So you keep walking until you find your seat in your theatre.

Soon the trailers start, and you find yourself watching the Dope movie trailer.

You quickly realize it's a hilarious coming of age story.

The story is solid, the writing is quality, and the acting is surprisingly good.

Your high school nostalgia sets in, which, mixed with your love for comedies, causes you to lean over to your friend and say, Let's see that when it comes out!

The movie poster only gave you a glimpse of the content itself – the what, when, who.

But the movie trailer showed you what you'll get (laughs, nostalgia, entertainment, etc).

The latter is incredibly more effective in persuading people to consume your content.

So when promoting your content, don’t create movie posters – create movie trailers.

Let's break down of an movie trailer example from LinkedIn where I promote an episode of the Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast:

*Movie trailers don't have to be this long by the way. This is just one example.

This promo post was successful because it provided value even if they didn't click the link.

This is how you make your content – even your promos – all about your reader.

So long as it leads with value before the CTA, you'll create a movie trailer that drives TONS of interest in your content.

Holler at you next week,

PS: Dope is a very good movie. Highly recommend it. And if you're wondering, yes I slept on it at first because the movie poster didn't do much for me. Glad the trailer found me and convinced me otherwise.