Keep a secret?
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Keep a secret?

Welcome to a special edition of the Content Strategy Reeder…

No, you’re not losing it — it’s Thursday and I’m sending you CSR.

What the… What’s going on Dev???

Can you keep a secret?

On Tuesday I’m launching my first course ever: Content Strategy for LinkedIn.

It’s filled with actionable micro-lessons that teach you how to create a shockingly effective LinkedIn content strategy.

I created this course because the right content strategy can open career opportunities, fast-track your career, and increase your income.

OK, here’s why I’m emailing you today: You can get early access before anyone else.

Yup, because you’re a CSR subscriber, you get a head start.

And it doesn’t stop there.

You’re also getting the ONLY discount code.

Use code “CSR” at checkout and you’ll get 22% off.

It’s my way of showing gratitude for rockin’ with me and being a dedicated Reeder.

My only ask is you keep it on the down low until Tuesday when the public announcement is live. Deal?

You can access to the course here.

Holler at you Saturday (for real this time),