The most important thing
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The most important thing

Yo! Welcome to the next episode of The Content Strategy Reeder. In celebration of Thanksgiving, I want to sincerely thank you for signing up for the Content Strategy Reeder. It makes my day knowing you're a reeder.

Part of my job as Gong’s Head of Content Strategy is hiring.

That means I interview a lot of content creators.

It’s cool because I get to chat with all types of folks – growth marketers, writers, editors, tacticians, strategists, etc.

The challenge for me, though, is quickly figuring out who truly understands how to create effective and memorable content.

So I always lead with this question:

What’s your approach to content creation?

I picked this vague, open-ended question on purpose:

My goal is to see if they know the most important thing.

At first I thought, there’s really no wrong answer.

Just answers that are (in my opinion) more right.

After just a few weeks of interviewing, I realized that’s not true.

There are wrong answers.

I typically start with...


-Blogs, webinars, social media...


These are red flags.

Not that those aren't important aspects.

But if that's what they start with, it signals they’re focused on the wrong things.

The answer I’m looking for?

I start with my audience.

-Who are they?

-What do they care about?

-How is my content going to help them?

Then I begin...

This answer shows me they understand the order of operations (remember PEMDAS?).

I’m not sharing this to give you interviewing advice (though it might help).

It's to remind you that your audience is your #1 priority.

Not metrics, not budget, not your CEO's latest ask.

The reader comes first.


(That’s why I named my business, The Reeder. Because that’s what my strategy's all about – serving the reader. The play on my name is just a pun I couldn't resist).

Write it on a sticky note: The reader is #1

Then stick it by your keyboard or on your monitor – wherever you'll see it.

I can honestly say that getting this down will catapult you to the top 10% of content creators simply because most people forget it.

OK, time to go eat my left over homemade spicy mac n' cheese before Rumi gets it all...

Holler at you next week,