The leap
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The leap

Yo! Welcome to the next episode of The Content Strategy Reeder where 3,895 creators get better at content creation and strategy in less than 5 minutes.

“You failed the personality test.”

My face scrunched.

“Um… what?”

“Yea, says here you’re not curious enough,” he said, pointing to a print out.

After weeks of prepping and interviewing — at a company that I already worked for — they had gone completely silent for a week.

Then at 8:30am on Friday morning, they called me into a conference room to deliver the news. This news.

The meeting didn’t last much longer.

I walked out of the room filled with confusion, anger, and self doubt.

I was mad that I failed, I was mad at them because that’s why I failed. And I was mad at myself for getting my hopes up.

This had been my only shot to leap from my sales role and become a content marketer.

Not curious enough??

What I heard was, You’re not good enough.

And I started to believe it.


After a few days of sulking (and boy, did I sulk), I realized I had a decision:

  1. Believe I can’t and give up
  2. Prove them wrong

I made it my mission to make the switch. But I needed a plan.

It became clear that I was missing two things:

1. Experience to show the next hiring manager I was credible

2. Paying clients to show myself that I was credible

So I launched The Reeder and started copywriting as a side hustle to build the skills needed to make it a full time career.

During the day, I sold software. Nights and weekends, I wrote blogs, emails, and basically anything I could get my hands on.

After two years, it paid off.

I’d proved myself as a founding member of Gong’s sales team — then while still a full time rep — I won over Udi, our VP of Marketing, by pitching, creating, and producing a weekly LinkedIn show called Gong Labs Live! with Chris Orlob. And it was a massive success.

Soon after, I approached Udi about joining his team. He asked about my dedication — and my answer was undeniable.

If I was willing to moonlight as a freelancer and consistently produce a live video series while still being a top producer, imagine what I could do if content was my only focus.

I got the role.


My Content Journey has forever changed my life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities it’s provided me, and that’s why I share everything I’ve learned with the next generation of content creators (you!).

I hope this inspires you the next time you’re considering taking a leap.

Because doubling down on yourself is the best investment you can make.

And your potential isn’t determined by someone else's personality quiz.

Holler at you next Saturday,

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