My content crush
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My content crush

Yo! Welcome to the next episode of The Content Strategy Reeder where 5,443 creators get better at content strategy and creation in 5 minutes or less.

I’m pretty hard to impress.

So when I find a content creator who absolutely wows me, I enjoy figuring out why I’m so impressed. Mostly because I respect their game, but also because I wanna up my content, too.

And right now I have a major content crush on Erika Kullberg’s TikTok account (@erikakullberg).

You can find pretty much any type of content on TikTok these days (I promise it’s more than viral dancing teens). But she’s captured an audience because her content is different. Her offer (value) is differentiated and her style is unique.

So this week we’re going to break down her content and why it’s so effective to inspire your next big idea, sharpen your tactics, and grow your following.

Let’s ride.

Erika is a legit lawyer with 8.9M TikTok followers

And that’s the source of her credibility. But she’s not your stereotypical lawyer.

I mean, at face value, the idea of listening to a lawyer makes you think of boring legislation and dry jargon that would do a better job of putting you to sleep than entertaining you. No thanks.

But Erika doesn’t fall into the boring trap. She takes her unique ability to read and understand the fine print of common vendors (Apple, Nike, airlines, etc), and shares advice for using loopholes to save money.

In a world where “life hacks” are a dime a dozen, she boxes out the competition because she’s the only one who can (or will) decipher the fine print for you. We all know we click “Agree” to Terms and conditions without reading a single word. So does Erika.

But you don’t get nearly 9M followers just because you read the fine print. Her follower count is climbing rapidly because she follows the formula for highly engaging content: it’s relevant, insightful, and actionable.

And she follows a distinct and unique flow in all her most popular videos.

She’s learned which format works and uses it to her advantage

When you find gold in the hills, what do you do? You grab all the dynamite you can and mine until it’s dry. (I think that’s how it’s done? You get the idea.)

In other words, when you find something that works, double down. That’s what Erika did. Over the course of publishing dozens of videos, she’s perfected a flow for going viral.

Check it out. Here’s one of my all time favorites, “Get free Nike shoes

Notice the clear header to hook you in. Who doesn't want free Nikes?!

Here’s a break down so you can steal some of these ideas for your content (I know I will):

  1. [Relevant] She opens with a common scenario that her audience of everyday people can relate to. By telling a story, she clearly and quickly places you in the scenario where she has value to offer in the form of advice. It also makes her relatable because she’s the main character in the story. You see yourself in Erika.
  2. [Tone] Her interactions are pretty funny because she’s this well-mannered, smiley woman always up against a somewhat bitter employee who plays it by the book. Again, very relatable.
  3. [Insightful] At the moment of conflict or friction from her mock story, Erika breaks the 4th wall and says “She has no idea I know! Watch this.” Then she delivers the “how to” advice which is the value for you as the viewer. The employee folds, and Erika wins.
  4. [Actionable] Anyone watching this video can follow the exact advice and go get free stuff or save money (in fact I did - read on). And to ensure she converts you into a follower, she always has her adversary end the video by asking, “Who taught you this?" To which Erika drops an irresistible CTV to get you to follow her.

Her CTV is a work of art

You hear common calls-to-action (CTAs) like “Follow me for more travel advice.”

Nothing wrong with it, but it’s not memorable. You’ve probably heard it a hundred times from a hundred different creators.

Erika knows this, so she uses her superpower to create a memorable call-to-value (CTV).

She ends all these videos the same way: “Erika did! She’s a lawyer who reads the fine print so I don’t have to. That’s why I follow her.” Then she points towards the follow icon.

She drops a clear CTA, injects credibility, and reminds you her POV — ie, her differentiator — in her outro.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Her advice really works

Last thing. In one of her latest videos she shared how to get a free new AirPod Pro if you have a defect — even if it’s outside the standard one year warranty.

I was like “Wait hold up, my AirPods just gave out for the exact same reason. Maybe this will work?”

I was admittedly skeptical because I’ve never gotten anything replaced outside of the warranty window. But I figured I’d try before I shell out another $250 to replace mine.

So I packed up Rumi and we went to the mall. After getting her a mochi donut while we waited for our turn, I gave the Apple specialist my Erika-fueled pitch, nearly verbatim.

“Yea so these AirPods aren’t working. There’s this static noise in the right ear, and when I’m on the phone people say they can’t hear me.”

The specialist asked a couple questions, then went in the back to test them. My hopes were low. But Rumi was having a blast playing with the phone cases, which was worth the trip.

The specialist came back. And guess what? Your boy got a BRAND NEW pair of AirPods.

I was amazed. And my respect for Erika grew. Her content is the real deal.

That's how you create life-long raving fans.

How to become like Erika (and create praise-worthy content)

  1. ID your Niche Knowledge: What do you know that could help others save time, be happier, or make more money?
  2. Pick the right channel: Figure out where your audience is and build where they already are.
  3. Pick a format that works for you: Maybe you're great on video, or maybe you’re a better writer or illustrator. Pick your strength and start there.
  4. Create memorable content: Create, see what lands, iterate, then create some more. In time you’ll find your voice then catch momentum as people begin to resonate with your content.

Holler at you next Saturday,

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