My 8 content operating principles
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My 8 content operating principles

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When designing a content strategy, there are tons of metrics, goals, ideas, processes, and tactics that you can get lost in.

But when I'm leading or advising marketing teams, my goal is simple:

Build a content powerhouse.

That's what it boils down to.

But before you can outline plans and make moves, it helps to have some guiding principles.

Over the years I've created a set of content operating principles that help guide my decision-making and my actions.

They're malleable because I refine them as my experience deepens and my perspective expands over time.

I want to share them with you today in case one of them can help you on your content journey.

My 8 content operating principles

  1. Start with the 'CEO slide'

All content needs to support the strategic growth of the company. Creating content for the sake of content is a hobby, not a strategy.  

2. Treat content like a product

Behave a media company inside your company — your "business model" is earning attention and converting it into revenue.

3. The Reader comes first

Prioritize the Reader before your marketing and growth goals and deliver content experiences that are easy and enjoyable.

4. Create waves

Shape and (re-shape) conversations that start trends. By definition, you're in the lead when others ride the wave you created.

5. The brand is in [our] hands

The Content team (even if a team of one!) is the voice and the amplifier of the company. Use both to build and protect your brand.

6. Closest to the customer wins

Know your audience better than they know themselves and use their language.

(h/t to my friend and phenomenal marketer Jonathan Costet for the premier phrasing.)

7. Different is better than better

Exponential growth comes from standing out and reimagining what's possible.

8. Sprint downhill

Move as fast as possible without losing balance.

What are your operating principles?

Maybe something just leaped into focus, like a mantra or personal code.

Whatever comes to mind, send 'em over. I'd love to hear it.

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