Million dollar mindset
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Million dollar mindset

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“Can’t” is a trigger word for me.

Not triggered in the highly emotional sense where I fly off the handle or anything, but triggered like an internal alarm sounds in my head.

Mostly because “can’t” usually isn’t used accurately.

I might think to myself, “I can’t make it” but really I just don’t want to.

Someone might say they can’t figure out how to solve a problem, but in reality they just haven’t figured it out yet.

In short, Can’t is a common cop out. But here's the thing:

Too much Can't and you'll prevent yourself from all the victories you CAN do but are unable to imagine or unwilling to try.

I don’t share this to be hyper aggressive with accountability. I share it because if you’re not aware of Can’t, it’ll creep into your brain and set up shop permanently. Before you know it, you’re living with Can't like full time roommate, eating your confidence and leaving crumbs of self doubt.

But I have a trick that evicts Can’t every time that alarm rings. I call it the million dollar mindset. Here’s the origin story:

During my first year in sales my manager pressed me to track down a decision maker.

I had already tried multiple times unsuccessfully and had given up.

So I shrugged him off and said, “I can’t.”

I got a blank stare in return.

I pretended to work on something on my laptop but I could feel his heavy gaze in my peripheral vision. It was one of those looks that silently say, “You’re f–ing kidding me, right?”

He pulled me aside and asked me a question I’ve kept with me ever since: "If I offered you ONE MILLION dollars cash, right now, to get that meeting – could you do it?"

I looked at the empty conference room table, imagining stacks of cash toppled on top of each other, begging to be stuffed into my backpack. That kind of cash can change your life…

I thought back to his question.

Then I smiled.

Yes, I could.

I didn’t know how, but I would find a way. Because a million bucks is more than enough motivation.

That’s the thing: When the stakes are THAT high, we find a way. We suspend our disbelief and we MAKE it happen.

It doesn’t matter if we can’t connect the dots in the moment because the reward is worth figuring it out.

Since then, this is how I hold myself accountable – with this ‘million dollar mindset.’

Not enough time?

Too tired?

Don’t know how?

We plague ourselves with these objections every day.

But what if $1M was on the other side?

Could you get it done?

I bet you would.

And that could change everything.

Holler at you next week,

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