I got sold (again)
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I got sold (again)

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My success has always come down to one thing: knowing my audience better than my competition.  

Not just who they are, but what they want, feel, and need. It’s the “secret weapon” behind my content strategy and growth.

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Last Sunday my friend Harmon took me to the San Francisco 49ers game.

He’s a die hard fan with season tickets. He knows all the crowd chants and never misses shouting Ahoo! Ahoo! Ahoo! after a first down.

When we settled into our seats, I noticed a guy two rows up with a gold jacket with “Faithful to The Bay” stitched on the back.


Then I noticed a gal with a Faithful to the Bay hat on while taking a selfie.

Interesting. Must be some campaign they’re running.

The stadium starts to fill up for kickoff and it’s everywhere.

Even the jumbotron with the hashtag #FTTB with photos from fans in the stands.

“This new?” I asked Harmon, pointing to the giant screen.

“They launched it two years ago, when the Raiders moved to Vegas.”

Ahhhhhh. That’s brilliant.

See, the Oakland Raiders were the only other NFL team in the Bay Area for decades. Two years ago, they dramatically up and left Oakland and moved to Las Vegas.

It was a controversial call. And their fans were divided into two camps:

(1) Keep rooting for the Raiders or (2) pick a new team to watch on Sundays.

The 49ers knew this divide was happening and realized their market was shifting like the tectonic plates they live on. Put in B2B terms, their biggest competitor just churned a bunch of customers and green space opened up.

And thus, the Faithful to the Bay campaign was born.

Here I was a Bay Area local “free agent” without a team because I’d actually picked option 3 after they left — I decided I just wouldn’t have a team.

But as the game went on, the slogan set in. Was I going to be faithful to The Bay?

Every time I cheered after a touchdown, it sunk deeper. I mean, The Bay Area is part of who I am.

I felt myself becoming a fan. I wanted — no, needed — to be faithful to The Bay. That’s when it REALLY clicked.

This campaign tapped into my identity.  

And their campaign intentional forced a choice:

  1. Pick the 9ers and keep your identity
  2. Betray your home and lose it

Just like that, I got sold.

I am officially a newly minted fan of the San Francisco 49ers.

You can apply this to your marketing

You just have to know your audience — and your market — so that you can detect shifts that present opportunity, then capitalize using language that taps into your audience’s emotions.

Think about it this week. What does your audience love? Fear? Inexplicably defend? Consistently buy? Get deep and understand why they feel those ways and you can revenue engineer masterful marketing.

And that'll give you a blitz of new followers, clients, and fans.

Holler at you later,

Switching topics entirely...

A couple days before that 49er game, I shared my 5-step process for writing emails that turns cold outbound into qualified meetings on The Sales Feed Show. If you're looking for new ways to sharpen your email game and build pipeline, you'll dig it.

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