How to write promos that don't suck
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How to write promos that don't suck

One of the toughest things for content creators to do is promote their content.

But it’s a critical skill because despite how good your content is, “if you build it they will come,” doesn’t apply.

There’s wayyy too much content out there to think people will just find it.

But if you can effectively promote your content, you’ll get more people to read/watch/listen/etc.

But reality is that most promos suck.

You've seen it in the form of boring landing pages, "meh" emails, and yawn-inducing LinkedIn posts.

Because instead of describing the value of the content, they describe the content itself.

Peep the difference:

Before: During this can’t-miss webinar, you’ll hear Adam Demamp’s best writing tips and how he signed with a publisher.

After: You’ll leave with Adam Demamp’s step-by-step formula for writing award-winning short stories, plus what it takes to land your first book deal.

The first does a good job describing the event.

But the second example shares what the reader will get from the event.

Why’s this so important?

Readers intuitively think, what’s in it for me? before deciding to click/watch/download/whatever.

So when you're promting your content, lead with outcomes not the details.

Get this right and you’ll win people over, driving tons of interested eyeballs to your content.

(^See what I did there?)

Holler at you next week,

PS: Next week is part two of this lil' series, where I'll show you how to create "movie trailers" promos that deliver BIG results. (The name will make sense later, I promise.)