Four rules
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Four rules

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Marketing is simple, but most people find a way to over complicate it.

I was walking the Westfield mall in SF with Chris Orlob.

I had just left my AE role to join Gong’s marketing team, and he was onboarding me – which was mostly us walking around the city while he dropped knowledge.

Chris is one of the best marketers I’ve ever met. He created the Gong Labs blog series, made a name for himself in the sales space, and laid the groundwork for Gong’s content marketing.

He told me, If you want to be great at this job, it comes down to these four things:

1. Know your audience

2. Read every day

3. Write every day

4. Write every damn day

Simple, right?

Notice none of them are blogs, podcasts, webinars.

Those are tactics, not strategies.

He was sharing the foundation for great ideas.

Because great marketing changes the way people think or act.

Let’s break down each one:

1. Know your audience
If you want your audience to trust you, then they need to relate to you first.

That means understanding what they care about, their challenges, the words they use to describe those challenges, and the emotions they associate with those challenges.

Because if you describe your buyer’s problem better than they can, they’ll assume you have the best solution. (That’s another Chris-ism).

2. Read every day

Part of creating great output is having great input.

Reading provides a constant stream of new ideas, which will spark new ideas.

Books, blogs, magazines, tweets, etc. – they all inspire your content creation process.

Keeping an ear to the ground also helps you keep a pulse on your audience so you focus on the most relevant topics.

3. Write every day

Consistency requires staying sharp.

As a content creator, that means writing every single day.

Sometimes it’s a quick LinkedIn post, and sometimes it’s 90 minutes of deep work writing a blog.

The important part is doing the writing process, not the final product.

Plus consistent writing prevents writer's block.

4. Write every damn day

It’s possible forgot what number four was by the time he got to it, but I’m glad he doubled down on this one.

It’s a good reminder that there are no gimmicks or shortcuts to great marketing.

It’s all about strategy and execution. Your ideas and your skills.

Work on both every day, and it’ll pay off.

These four rules have served me well because they help me keep it simple.

I’m sure they’ll do the same for you.

Holler at you next week,

Content on content
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