Debunking personalization at scale
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Debunking personalization at scale

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Nothing matters more than your audience.

As a content creator, that means your #1 priority is understanding your audience.

Despite the amount of content created today, most of it completely ignores this principle.

As a result, messaging doesn’t resonate, and content struggles to get traction or real results (aside from high unsubscribe rates).

Take email, for example: marketing campaigns or sales prospecting.

Most people think that using dynamic fields is personalization.

You know, fields like First Name, Company Name, Industry.

Those details get plugged into email campaigns and sequences and viola – personalization!

I call BS.

Buyers assume you know the basics about them because that stuff’s on their LinkedIn profile or available in a basic Google search.

True personalization means speaking directly to a problem that your audience faces right now in a way that resonates with them emotionally.

This is key for capturing — and keeping — their attention.

If you can describe their problems better than they can, they’ll assume you have the best solution. -Chris Orlob (friend, mentor, bad-ass marketer).

They’ll trust you. Then they’ll buy from you (or complete whatever action you’re hoping for).

But first, here’s what you need to know:

-What do they care about (e.g., growing their business)?

-What are their challenges (e.g., building pipeline efficiently)?

-Which words do they use to describe their problems (e.g., do they say “email campaigns” or “nurture sequences”)?

-Why are their challenges unsolved (e.g., they don’t know which part of their strategy works and which doesn’t)

-Which emotions do they associate with those challenges (e.g., uncertainty, frustration, stress)?

Once you answer those questions, you’re ready to create irresistible outbound messaging.

The kind that helps you build your brand/pipeline/sales – you name it.

You might be wondering, but how do I do that at scale?

You can’t. “Personalization at scale” is nonsense.

Building relationships with your audience isn’t a volume game, it’s a value game.

Spend the time truly understanding your audience, and you’ll build a loyal following and client base.

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