Content Strategy for LinkedIn course is live!
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Content Strategy for LinkedIn course is live!

Welcome to another special edition of the Content Strategy Reeder…

BIG news – my new course Content Strategy for LinkedIn is LIVE!

I created it because most people struggle to get meaningful traction on LinkedIn.

That’s usually because:

  1. Coming up with content is hard  – I don’t know what to say...
  2. Being authentic is challenging – I don’t want to accidentally come across as phony…
  3. LinkedIn’s algorithm is a mystery – How does it even work?!...

These actionable videos answer all the above and teach you how to create a shockingly effective LinkedIn content strategy.

If you’re interested in creating un-ignorable content on LinkedIn that delivers massive results, then this is for you.

And because you’re a Reeder, you get the only discount code.

Use “CSR” at checkout and you’ll get 22% off.

You can access the video course here.

And if you’re not ready for the course but want to support, you can help me get the word out by engaging with my announcement post on LinkedIn here.

Holler at you Saturday,

PS: This is the last special edition CSR, I promise. We’re back to our normal Saturday-only programming this weekend. Sincere thank you for letting me add a couple emails while I share the news about the course.