Channel strategy (part 2)
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Channel strategy (part 2)

Yo! Welcome to the next episode of The Content Strategy Reeder where 4,840 creators get better at content strategy and creation in less than 5 minutes.

This is part two of going behind the scenes of my personal content strategy. If you missed last week’s episode and want to see my content strategy framework, audience funnel, and how I monetize, you can see it here.

Today we’re diving into my channel strategy for LinkedIn and email (newsletter).

You’ll see how I map out content on a weekly basis to deliver value to my Reader, grow my channels, and reach my strategic goals, so you can do the same.

My hope is that these examples and insights will inspire your best work and spark growth for your content strategy.

Ready? Let’s ride.

Every channel has a dedicated purpose

If you have a clear vision for how to use your channels, you’ll have better results and clearer content.

My content strategy has two channels: LinkedIn and email.

Both channels serve as publication and promotional outlets.

That means I can deliver content via the channel itself — in your LinkedIn feed or inbox — and use these channels to promote other projects and channels and projects. That’s why I’ve dedicated so much time and resources there. They have the best output.

Here are the primary goals for each channel:

  • Deliver immense value to my Reader (you!)
  • Grow the channel (obvious, but worth including)
  • Position myself as the leader of B2B content strategy (i.e., build credibility)
  • Drive awareness to other channels and products (e.g., more growth)

Alrighty, let’s move on to content creation, shall we?

Every LinkedIn post is intentional

To ensure I stay focused and reach my LinkedIn goals, I created a weekly content map:

Each post has a dedicated topic, goal, and, when applicable, a CTA.

If you want to see what each of these posts actually look like, here’s more detail and a list of examples:

  • Value posts teach my audience one thing about content strategy or creation. Example.
  • Personal posts are stories designed for reliability and sharing my journey because I enjoy connecting with people on an emotional level beyond “work stuff.” Example.
  • Open posts are my “wild cards” because despite all the processes and guidelines within my strategy, it’s nice to have a weekly “free for all.” Example.
  • Newsletter teaser is where I promote my newsletter by “teasing” the value of the upcoming episode to create anticipation and entice folks to subscribe. Example.
  • I typically save these for newsletters where I have a new framework or template so I don’t overuse the tactic and lose its effectiveness.

I'll usually spend ~60 minutes on Saturday/Sunday morning writing these posts so they’re ready for the week. I often repurpose LinkedIn posts that performed well in the past and previous newsletters into micro content (more on that coming soon).

Note: I am a human being, not a robot (took me a while to understand that one), so I do my best to adhere to this strategy every week. But in reality, sometimes I miss a post. And that’s OK! Don’t let external or internal pressure sway you into believing that you HAVE to post every day. We’re aiming for progress, not perfection.

If my LinkedIn content resonates, then it should motivate folks to subscribe to The Content Strategy Reeder. So let’s head over to email.

Newsletters are about focus and consistency

No one woke up today and thought, “Gee, there’s really not enough content out there. I wish there was more.”

Otherwise we wouldn't spend 13 minutes scrolling Netflix before finally choosing something (or is that just me?).

That’s why I chose a niche topic like “content strategy” vs “marketing.” It helps me stand out and deliver something my audience doesn’t already have.

I chose a weekly cadence because I want to create an expectation that every Saturday morning ol’ D Reed has something worth your attention. Anything more and it’s too much of a good thing (dare I say) and anticipation dwindles. Anything less frequent and you might forget why you even subscribed in the first place.

For topics, I focus on three pillars to stay consistent and deliver, and hopefully exceed, my Reader’s expectations:

  • Content strategy: frameworks, guides, and other high-level “what and why” content
  • Content creation: tactical advice, usually with templates, checklists, screen shots, and real-life examples
  • Personal stories: learnings from my experience as a content creator and marketing leader

I balance these out so my Reader has something fresh and (somewhat) unexpected every week.

It also prevents me from getting caught in a hamster wheel of doing the same thing over and over every week. Borrrring.

Lastly, this newsletter also has promotional value because it allows me to drive awareness and grow other channels and projects.

As of late, I add a passive CTA at the bottom of my newsletter for all my channels and products:

The goal is awareness via clear copy. It’s here if you’re ready now, but no pressure if the timing isn’t right. By consistently delivering value — entertainment, information, or both — I hope to earn a deeper relationship with my audience over time.

If you leave with ONE thing today, let it be this:

The key to growing your channels is being intentional, consistent, and focused.

Phew! That’s a wrap for today. Now you have the framework and examples to build your content strategy and channels with purpose and clarity.  

Next is up execution, AKA putting words on paper. Well, on a screen. And that’s where unlocking "Niche Knowledge” comes into play. You’ll learn how to generate new ideas for quality content that your audience LOVES. Perfect if you’re looking to become a better, more consistent writer and grow a following online.

Holler at you next Saturday,

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