3 crazy-simple ways to spike your LinkedIn engagement
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3 crazy-simple ways to spike your LinkedIn engagement

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My wife is new-ish to the LinkedIn game.

She has a profile and knows how to use the platform and all that.

But she just recently started turning her experience as a customer success leader into LinkedIn content.

She’s had a couple posts grab traction (40+ reactions), but she’s hungry to fast-track building her personal brand.

So I offered to look at her last few posts to see if I could help. I noticed 3 key things:

1. She’s very thoughtful. Her ideas are insightful and her tone is genuine (not that I’m biased or anything…)

2. She posts consistently (3-4x/week)

3. She doesn’t know how really LinkedIn works

She has the most important part down: She's putting in the work and being true to her personality.

But that’s not quite enough. Not on LinkedIn.

If you want more reach on LinkedIn, then you have to know how it works.

This is important because more eyeballs → more engagement →  more reach → more eyeballs...

That does NOT mean gaming the system by being hack-y.

It means (1) creating content that’s easily consumable and (2) understanding the basics of the LI algorithm.

This week we’re gonna focus on the first one – content creation.

And a few simple changes can double your engagement rates.

Here are three to get your rollin’:

1. Write short sentences.

Short sentences are easy to read.

And when sentences are easy to read…

People keep reading.

Simple, right?

Simple is easy. And people like easy.

This is especially important for the first line of your post.

Remember, people are (rapidly) scrolling through a LinkedIn feed.

So you need a simple hook that’s easy to read to pull them into content.

2. Use pronouns

Ummm… What the hell is a pronoun?

I’ll skip the English lecture and say use these: You, yours, me, mine, I, them, they, these.

We use these simple words all the time when we talk, so they instantly make your content more personal and relatable.

Use them when you write if you want your content to be approachable.

(I laid it on a lil thick there, but you get the idea.)

Don’t shy away from $1 words.

3. Write for See more

If your post has 3+ lines, it’ll pop up.  

(Notice Nick’s short sentences. He fits 5 sentences in there to build a great story. perfection.)

Your goal is to use those opening lines to create a hook that motivates people to click “see more” and continue reading.

Otherwise they’ll scroll on, leaving your post in the dust.

There are many ways to do this, but here are two proven techniques:

First, build anticipation:

If you care about creating content that breaks through the noise, “see more” will show you how.


Another option is to build mystery that incites curiosity:

Wait for what???


That's a wrap for now.

If you really want to spike your content engagement, try these out.

They’re small changes that have a BIG impact.

Next week I'll share how to "beat" the LinkedIn algorithm.

Holler at your next week,