3 quick lessons
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3 quick lessons

Yo! Welcome to the next episode of The Content Strategy Reeder where 3,283 subscribers get better at content creation and strategy in less than 5 minutes.

This week I spent two days in San Francisco for Gong’s marketing offsite with the goal of bonding with the rapidly growing team and aligning on our initiatives.

There were 50 marketers there from all parts of the business — product marketing, creative, demand gen, content, operations, and more. People flew in from Israel, Ireland, and all across the States.

I did some quick math and calculated that there was over 200 years of marketing experience in the room.

That’s A LOT to learn from. And a great switch up from the typical self-learning via courses, newsletters, books, etc. that usually fuels my development in our remote world.

So for this week’s episode, I’m going to share three quick lessons to help inspire and motivate your content journey.

Here we goooo:

  1. Be intentional with your skill development

In a room of 50 marketers, there were generalists and specialists.

You can make a career being either one, and neither is inherently better than the other.

The most important thing is being aware of which you are today and where you want to be in the future. Understanding this will guide where you spend time developing your skills. Are you going to go deep in one are of expertise, or go wide and know how to do a little of everything?  

For me, I am deep in content marketing, but really light in operations. That’s ok. It's intentional.

Others can plug into any part of the marketing engine and add value.

Companies need both. Knowing where you are and how you want to grow will also help you pick the right role and the right company and the right time.

2. Strategic slow downs are good for growth

Startup land is often the wild, wild west. It’s go, go, go, learn and you build, and lots of “I don’t know if it’ll work but we’re about to find out.” This is normal and often needed when in the early “survival” stages.

That said, there are times when you’ll need to slow down to speed up. It’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s true — if done strategically.

For example, maybe you’ve outgrown your current content production process now that your team has doubled in the last year. It’s okay to intentionally slow down production temporarily — even if that means slowing down growth — so you can revert your energy to building a new process that can support your future growth goals and output.

If you’re going to build for the future, sometimes you need to slow down the present. Be aware of which stage you’re in and execute accordingly.

Don’t feel guilty for slowing down from time to time.

3. Winning is the best culture

I stole this from someone a while back, and I was reminded of it this week.

Winning at the company level and the personal level are equally important because they’re symbiotic. When people win – learning, growing in their role and in the org, making money — the company wins as well. When the company is growing revenue, hiring more people, and increasing market share, it’s because the people are performing well.

In short, winning solves (nearly*) everything. It attracts and retains top talent. It keeps employees prideful in their work. It ensures targets are met. All of these things are needed for long-term growth.

This is what I look for when evaluating career changes. If I leave, will I join a better or worse team? I’ve made the mistake of joining a company for a better title and salary bump, only to realize I joined a losing team.

I never got promoted there. I never hit my OTE. Because the team was not positioned to win.  

Pick a winning team where you can contribute engaging and impactful work, and you’ll be fulfilled.

*Note: winning itself does not solve the lack of diversity in most B2B teams, but a winning team will be more likely to attract a larger, more diverse talent pool.

“Allllllrighty then” (Ace Ventura voice). That’s it for our three quick lessons.

I’d love to get your input. Which jumped out at you? Which made you think? Which would you cut?

Give me a shout, I’ll reply ASAP.

Holler at you next week,

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