1M views - LinkedIn post breakdown
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1M views - LinkedIn post breakdown

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Last week, one of my LinkedIn posts got one million views.

(Queue Lil Wayne’s A Milli, a milli, a milli, a milli.)

Not gonna lie, that’s huge for me. By far a first (my previous highest was ~450k). So I’m left thinking, why?

What exactly happened that motivated so many people to engage?

Of course I had an idea of how it would land when I wrote it, but after seeing it hit a new level of virality, and after reading the many, many the comments, I can see why I got my intended outcome – and a lot more.

Here’s a breakdown:

1. It’s very short

One sentence all but guarantees that you read the entire post.  

This forces an immediate reaction (pun intended). You either engage or scroll on.

No need to click See More on this one.

It’s impossible to lose your attention because I didn’t try to hold it.

2. It sparked an emotional response

Some people simply hate tattoos. They view them as bad decisions, unprofessional, and are often judgmental of people who have them. Why would you do that to your body??

On the other side are tattoo owners and supporters. They think judging someone – especially their professional ability – based on their body art is ridiculous. It’s art!

And I knew this visceral response would force people to pick a lane.

Something the comment section (quickly) confirmed.

3. It’s a personal story

If I had simply said “I can’t believe people still think tattoos are unprofessional!” the post wouldn’t have the same emotional pull.

That’s because stories are naturally more relatable and the perfect vehicle for sharing your experience and perspective.

And I shared a lot about myself in one line:

-I have a ton of tattoos

-I was told I was making a career-limiting mistake

-I proved that stereotype wrong

In short, I took stance on a controversial topic.

And by sharing something personal, I was vulnerable. And vulnerability shows you're human and makes you more approachable.

There’s no perfect formula for growing your reach on LinkedIn, but you can rapidly improve your content if you use these insights correctly.

BTW, post views views aren't just a vanity metric.

They're an early signal you're onto something, and you can convert this engagement to fuel your growth.

That tattoo post drove traffic to my LI profile that lead to almost a thousand new followers within a week, ~50 newsletter subscribers (welcome, y'all!), and a couple offers to collaborate on some cool writing projects.

Not bad for a one sentence post.

Holler at you next week,

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